Training for #67.

67. Run a 5K.

Just completed day 1 of my 5K training and I feel great! For years I’ve been trying to convince myself to start running again but my stubborn self hates running so that was always a losing battle. Today, I finally won that battle. *and the crowd goes wild*

I bought the Couch to 5K app on my iPhone, which syncs to my (new!) Apple Watch – it makes training for a 5K so easy! It starts you out at where you are, not where you want to be. This helps prevent you from pushing yourself too hard too fast, and Lord knows I would do that to reach my end goal as quickly as possible. I want to train properly so that maybe I can fall in love with running and will continue to run for years to come. (Especially since I want to #68 Run a Half Marathon and #69 Run a Full Marathon.)

It’s the first (running) step to completing one of the goals I’ve longed to complete for many years.


My C25K app username is CassieSmartt, follow me and we’ll encourage each other!

Photo Feb 22, 5 24 01 PM.png