I’m 28 and tired of waiting for my story to start – I have been in a hypothetical waiting room my entire life and it has become rather boring. I need adventure. I need excitement. I need motivation. I need to step out of my comfort zone. I need to truly live a life of pushing my limits and having no regrets.

Cue The Bucket List.

After binge-watching a Netflix show called “No Tomorrow,” I was inspired to create my own bucket list. The premise it that this guy inspires this girl to make an “apocalyst” and encourages her to do the things she has always wanted to do as he believes the world will end by asteroid in roughly 8 months from their meet cute. She starts to experience life like she never has before, she takes chances, and she lives a life of no regrets. That’s what I want – I want to never have regrets.

I am hoping to document some of my forthcoming adventurous stories on this blog, not only for public enjoyment, but so that I can look back at all that I hope to accomplish in my life.

I’ll have the list here, of course, but also in a little black book that I’ll carry and edit daily. Here’s to hoping I run out of ink and pages.

Why “Bucket’s List”?

Bucket is the nickname my father gave me as a baby (“a bucket full of sunshine,” he used to say) and he has continued to call me by the same name into adulthood. Only makes sense to combine my nickname with the fact that I’m blogging about my bucket list, don’t you think? (I do love a good pun!)

How often will you update?

I’ll share stories and pictures as I complete activities on my list, though some things may only be accompanied by a check mark on The List.

How many bucket list entries do you plan to have?

I hope that The List will be ever-growing and that it never has an end – I want to always look forward to my next adventure.